Our Best Pricing is for a Complete Vehicle. 

A complete vehicle must have the engine, the battery and

the original factory welded full catalytic converter.

The converter must be connected to the vehicle, full and

untampered with.

We will also purchase the vehicle without

one of the above but at a lower price.

NO VEHICLE PREP NEEDED  We will remove the fluids and recycle them properly.



Monday - Friday from 7:30 am - 3:30 pm.

     REMINDER: All junk vehicles MUST be across the scale by 3:30 PM or they WILL NOT be accepted.

There is no overnight parking or material drop off on TerX or Village property allowed.  ALL MATERIALS must be brought in during normal business hours.  If material or junk vehicles are left we will not accept them and the Sheriff's Department will be made aware.

WISCONSIN: https://wisconsindot.gov/Pages/online-srvcs/other-servs/lien-search.aspx
MICHIGAN: https://vincheck.info/vin-check/vin-check-by-state/michigan-vin-check/


If left on the vehicle there will be

a 50 pound deduction

and a $8 disposal fee per tire.

If you wish to remove them please bring your own tools and we will lift the vehicle for you while in the yard.

Vehicles must be lien free. To check for a WI or MI lien copy & paste the link below in your search browser! 



Titles are preferred but we will check the VIN in our database for liens or theft notices

and create a bill of sale.  

 Metal Recycling                         

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